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CCHM - Canadian College of Humanitarian Medicine

Integrative Medicine Diploma (IMD)

Integrative medicine is an approach to healthcare delivery that seeks to combine the best of Western scientific medicine with evidenced based traditional healthcare, healing and wellness. Its focus is on a broader understanding of the nature of illness. It can easily be incorporated by all healthcare systems. Its use not only improves care for patients, it also enhances the cost-effectiveness of health care delivery for providers and clients.

The integrative medicine certificate courses are intended for healthcare practitioners, who are seeking to upgrade, their credential for continuing education, clinicians seeking to expand their scope of practice and to provide an integrative approach to their clients.

You may choose to take one or more of the offered certificate course, to satisfy continuing education credits. Upon completion of each course a certificate is awarded and upon completion of twelve certificates in the series an INTEGRATIVE MEDCINEDIPLOMA (IMD) is awarded.

Certificate Courses in his Program:

Certificate Courses in his Program:
• Laser smoking cessation
• Ear Acupuncture for Addictions                    
• Tongue Diagnosis & Mineral Balancing Part I & 2
• Complete physical examination & interpretation
• Hair mineral interpretation
• Biological medicine & Isopathic immunization
• Cardiovascular risk assessment
• Oligo therapeutics
• Gemmo-therapeutics
• Dry blood microscopy
• Eclectic Medicine
• Laser therapeutic protocols
• Aroma-therapeutics raindrop technique
• Hydrotherapy techniques
• In office lab medicine
• Biofeedback in Integrative Medicine
• Emergency medicine for Humanitarian medicine workers


Tuition: see individual certificate under the continuing education heading.
DATES: One week end per month for two years. The detail of each certificate course is available under continuing education section.