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CCHM - Canadian College of Humanitarian Medicine

Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Science (DHMS) for Healthcare Professional

Prerequisite: Healthcare professionals 

Mentorship for Healthcare Professionals: Duration: 18 months healthcare professionals


Homeopathy is an exact science based on clearly defined principles and natural laws of healing. The practice of Homeopathic Medicine is an art which applies to the wellness approach and philosophy to the individual. The principles and philosophy of homeopathy must be studied in depth as their understanding is essential for successful practice of homeopathy. In depth materia medica lectures and discussions are entered into, to understand the symptoms produced by deranged immune system subsequent to the prescribing of homeopathic medicines to re-establish balance.
Instruction in homeopathic repertory, which is the index of symptoms, is provided as it teaches the correct case analysis and  client care via community outreach. These skills will be developed throughout the course.
Subjects Included (Module I-V)

1.  Introduction to homeopathic medicine
2. Orgonon of Medicine
3. Materia Medica
4. Homeopathic pathology
5. Homeopathic Mineral Medicine (I)
6. Homeopathic Mineral Medicine (II)
7. Homeopathic Tongue Diagnosis (I & II)
8. Principles of Nutrition
9. Laboratory medicine interpretation
10. Key note symptoms
11. Polycrest remedies
12. Constitutional prescribing
13. Homeopathic first aid& acute conditions
14. Repertories: Kent, and Murphy.
15. Chronic diseases
16. Evaluation of symptoms
18. Homeopathic Paediatrics
19. Homeopathic Gynaecologic
20. Clinical Diagnosis
21. Isopathic Medicine
22. Homeotoxology
23. Clinical/ patient management

Module I
Homeopathic Introduction to homeopathic medicine 
Using Hahnemann’s Organon of the Medical Art, 6th edition, as our root text, this course will focus on the principles and philosophy of classical homeopathy. Students will learn the art of case taking and become familiar with the core materia medica. Emphasis will be placed on translating a sickness narrative into the condensed language of the homeopathic repertory. Foundations of Homeopathy is an in depth and intensive course outlining the philosophy and practice of classical homeopathy. This study will prepare a solid foundation for future studies of homeopathy.

Module II
This module include discussion/ lectures, case studies, tests and assignments in this course are designed to assist students in grasping and applying the fundamental concepts of classical homeopathy. The goal for the student is to achieve a high level of competency, particularly in case taking and philosophy, enabling their application of the knowledge acquired towards the understanding of the homeopathic process.  This module builds on the Homeopathy Module I. Therapeutics, repertorization, organon and case taking is the keystones in this course.

Module III
This course will continue to broaden the students’ knowledge in Homeopathic Therapeutics by focusing study on Materia Medica and family groupings of remedies, key note symptoms, chronic disease symptoms, modern disease, drug related symptoms.

Module IV
As a rule in homeopathy impediments to the cure of homeopath must be fully understand for the best result of homeopathy. Including in this module is supporting therapy in homeopathy; nutritional medicine, homeopathic combination medicine, homeopathic tincture, lab medicine (interpretation), isopathic medicine, homeopathic

Clinical (community outreach)


Client management is the key aspect of this program as it is geared towards healthcare professionals. Clinical Under supervision in CCHM community outreach centers or third World clinic. Cases from community out reached for group discussion.

Class Size: Maximum 12 (Individual attention for maximum student success. 
CCHM has been providing mentorship format classes since 1998).

Qualification: Upon successful completion of this course a diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Science (DHMS) is awarded and you are eligible for registration with the Homeopathic Medical Practitioners of Ontario

Instructors: Homeopaths with at least five years of experience and Registration with Professional association or regulatory body.
Outline for this course is based on standards as proposed by the Transitional Council for the college of Homeopaths of Ontario.