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CCHM - Canadian College of Humanitarian Medicine

In Office Lab Medicine

Learn how to improve your skills in assessing functional indicators and implementing treatment plans. In this workshop you will learn how to establish and inexpensive in office laboratory and to perform and interpret the following tests.

¨ Zinc Challenge Test –measure of the zinc tissue levels
¨ Saliva mineral Challenge Test –measures alkaline buffer response
¨ Urinary Chemstrip Test;-dip and test for specific gravity, pH, leukocytes, nitrites, protein, glucose, Ketenes, urobilinogen,    bilirubin & blood in urine
¨ Sulkowitch Urinary Calcium Test – helps determine calcium levels in diet
- Brix glucose index test- determine the exact level of¨ glucose in the system and pancreatic burden
¨ Saline index test - Helps determine burden of sodium on the cardiovascular system and indirectly cholesterol Build up adrenal challenge
¨ Urea and Ammonia indices- Helps determine liver  toxic burden
¨ Indican-Malabsorption test – Detects Bowel toxicity and bowel wall permeability
¨ Medical blood test Orthomolecular nutrition interpretation
¨ Cellular debris  test-determine speed of aging and need for anti-oxidants

Date: January14 &15, 2012; Location TBA
Instructor: Sheila McKenzie, RDH, PhD IMD), HP, D.Ac, DHS
Fee: $850.00 (Eclectics Medicine #2)