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CCHM - Canadian College of Humanitarian Medicine

Homeopathic Tongue Diagnosis

Part I & Part II
One of the first places that information can be obtained about the general health of the body is the tongue. Signs of imbalances in other body organs or tissues for example the skin, hair nails can only be detected after weeks or even months of imbalances, but with tongue diagnosis the imbalances can be detected in as little as twenty four hours. Tongue diagnosis is fast, accurate, safe noninvasive and easy to learn.

After detecting and interpretation tongue of mineral shifts in the cells and the tissues, homeopathic biochemical minerals are administered to re-established balance in the cells and restore health. Learn this simple yet powerful diagnostic and mineral balancing technique in two days and add a new dimension to your practice.

Fee: $850.00 (each part)
Date: March 10 &11, 2012 (part I)
March 17 & 18, 2011 (part II)
Location: TBA
Required text: Manual provided
Instructor: Sheila McKenzie, RDH, PhD (IMD), D.Ac, DHS