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CCHM - Canadian College of Humanitarian Medicine

Constitutional Hydrotherapy

(Powerful healing technique from the past yet relevant in modern era)
Today medical research provides evidence that hydrotherapy is still one of the most effective healing systems if properly done. Spinal fluxion is a special hydrotherapy technique developed by Dr. McKenzie of alternating hot and cold application on specific location along with Sims™ stimulator places in specific areas along the spine and corresponds to organ systems. Essential oils or mineral medicines are also used both internally and externally.

This gentle yet effective technique can be done by health care professionals as well as non-health care individuals.

Most Important Benimpofits:
- Reduction and elimination of back pain
- Flushing and cleansing of tissues
- Mobilizing white blood cells to fight infection
- Invigorating the body
- A stimulation to the blood circulation
- Soothing the nerves
- For spasm of muscles or tension
- Increase toxin elimination

Instructor: Sheila McKenzie,RDH, PhD(IMD),HP,D.Ac


Duration: 2 days