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CCHM - Canadian College of Humanitarian Medicine


Sheila McKenzie, RDH, HD, PhD, D.AC, IMD, DHS
President - Homeopathic & Humanitarian Medicine

Nina Nejmeh, D.Sc, IMD, DHS
Nutritional Medicine/Humanitarian Medicine Outreach

Mobashir A. Bhatti, MD, IMD, MPH
International Medical Seminar Leader

Dr. Leonard Horowitz, DMD, MPH, IMD, DMM
Public Health / Humanitarian Medicine

Roberto Martin, PhD, O-MD, DHS
International Medicine / Orthomolecular Medicine

Ibrahim Keserwan, MD DHS, Dermatologist/Humanitarian Medicine

Carlos Gonçalves, MD (A.M), DI Hom Practitioner, DHM, PhD
International Homeopathic Medicine / Humanitarian Medicine Outreach

Julie Chuang, D.Ac, I-MP, DHS
Auricular Acupuncture

Dingyin Huang, MD, IMD, DHS
Medical Seminars / Humanitarian Medicine Outreach

Acupuncture & TCM Instructors:

Stanley Ngui-Hon-Sang, PhD.TCM, D.Ac, DHS.
Traditional &Bio-Medical Acupuncture / Humanitarian Medicine

Justin Ngui, PhD, TCM, D.Ac, DHS
Associate Instructor TCM& Acupuncture

Susanne E. Schmid-Knispel, D.Ac, CM.Ac, PHS
Associate Instructor

Douglas Knispel, D.Ac, CM.Ac, PHS
Associate Instructor